New iOS 5 for the iPad

Initial Setup of iOS 5

(out of box, new iPad 2)
(NOTE: Setup is different if you are upgrading your iPad from a previous iOS version -
check here for directions)
  • Turn on your iPad
  • Just swipe to unlock and you’re welcomed and invited to choose your preferred language.
  • Tap the Next button to pick.
  • Apple will also provide you a default Country or Region based on where you bought your device, but you can tap Show More to expand the choices.
  • There are NO default choices pre-checked for you.You have to look at the choices and tap one to check it before the Next button will activate.
  • You probably want to turn on the Location Services feature (this can be reconfigured later)
  • You’ll need to connect to a Wi-Fi network to continue iCloud setup (if none is available, you’ll have to switch to iTunes setup instead.)
  • Your iPad will then connect to Apple’s servers to activate

Now you will have the choice to:
  • Setup as a new iPad
  • Restore from an iCloud Backup
  • Restore from an iTunes Backup

Setup as New
  • Sign in with your Apple ID (the account you use to purchase items from iTunes) or create a new account if you do not already have one. (If you have multiple Apple IDs, you will have to choose which one you want to use. You will have the ability to log in with a different Apple ID account later.
  • Agree to Apple’s Terms and Conditions and Apple will setup your ID and ask if you want to use iCloud or not. I would recommend to use iCloud it’s free and you’ll be asked to enable iCloud Backup which will create daily backups when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Decide whether or not you want to enable Find my iPhone to help trace lost or stolen devices, and then choose if you want to share diagnostic information with Apple to help them improve the iOS experience.

Restore from iCloud Backup (if you already have an iCloud account and have previously backed up your device)
  • Sign in with your Apple ID. Make sure it’s the same Apple/iCloud ID that you used to for your previous backups.
  • Once you agree to the Terms and Conditions and you’ll be given a list of recent backups to choose from including all of your iOS devices that have been backed up to your iCloud account.
  • Choose your backup and iCloud will begin the restore.
  • Your iPad will restart, with all your settings and iTunes will begin to re-download all the apps you had installed when the backup was made. iTunes will also re-download all the iTunes music, TV shows, and iBooks that were previously on your device. (NOTE: You need to stay on Wi-Fi for large files to re-download.)
  • For security reasons, you may be prompted to set a Passcode Lock

NOTE: With iOS 5, when a software update is available now, you’ll get a notification popup.The Settings app will display a badge (like your eMail) To update the iOS now, go to Settings, tap on General, tap on Software Updates, When you see the update, tap Install.
The update will download and then your iPad will restart and update.

Restore from an iTunes Backup

Sync over WiFi

If you do still want to sync with your home iTunes library but don’t want to have to connect to your computer using the USB cable, you now have the option to sync over Wi-Fi as well. Wi-Fi sync needs to be enabled in the Settings app on your iPad, and you need to sync with iTunes over USB at least once to set it up, and you need to be plugged into a power source for the duration of the sync.
Note: Refer to iTunes page for directions.

Many new features...

@Apple -

My Favorite
  • Safari now has TABS (TIP: Hold down the plus sign to add a new tab and you will see a list of recently closed tab!)
  • No longer need iTunes to update
  • Able to format text, and reorder recipients by a tap and drag in mail
  • Calendar has a year view
  • New Gestures - Use 4-5 fingers
    • To swipe up to reveal multitasking bar
    • Pinch to return to home screen
    • Swipe left or right to switch between apps
  • Notification center extends to the lock screen so you can see notifications without unlocking the iPad
  • Twitter integration
  • AirPlay - using Apple TV (Although many schools do not have the Apple TV, being able to stream whatever is on the iPad to your HDTV via the Apple TV is pretty cool
  • Photos app will let you edit your photos! - Tap Edit and your options, rotate, enhance, red-eye and crop will appear at the bottom.
  • And of course Siri - especially for sending text messages

Some others may not be aware of:
  • Built-in dictionary every application
  • Split Keyboard
  • Emoji Keyboard built in (Emoticon Keyboard)
  • Creating Keyboard Shortcuts (For example, typing the letters omw, and On my way will be entered!)
  • Change device name in Settings on the device
  • Multiple mark emails as read - Tap the Edit button and then select email. At the bottom of the list, select Mark, then select Flag, or Mark as Read
  • Easily move email address from To: field to the Cc: or Bcc: field. Just drag and drop. You can also reorder the email address. No need to delete and retype if you simply want to move
  • Add photo albums from within the device
  • Delete music from within the music app
  • Maps now have alternate routes
  • Set up default alert times for all-day events

Multi-tasking Gestures

4 or 5 finger multi-touch navigation gestures that complement the Home Button functions (which reduces the amount of times you need to single or double click Home)
  • Pinch all fingers in to exit an app and return to the Home Screen (same as single-clicking the Home Button)
  • Swipe up from the bottom to reveal the multitasking bar or Fast App Switcher Dock (same as double-clicking the Home Button).
  • Swipe sideways from left to right or right to left to move between recently open apps

NOTE: The Multitasking Gestures can be turned ON/OFF in the Settings > General

Things we have learned so far...
iPads with iOS 5 - Will not show up in iTunes if plugged into a hub. They need the power of a CPU so they need to be directly plugged into USB on the CPU of computer.

Apple IDs can be associate with up to 10 devices (computers, ipod, iphone, ipad)
The devices can be managed from within iTunes or you can use iCloud

Computers and devices can be associated with a different Apple ID once every 90 days. Only the previous purchased and automatic downloads of music and books seems to be affected. The warning message of 90 days does not appear when selecting Apps for automatic downloads.