How to update your iPad to iOS 5

First you will need to make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer.
  • Start iTunes on your computer and it should prompt you to download the latest version if you have not updated lately.

  • You can also check for a software update from within iTunes.

  • Once you have the latest version of iTunes installed, you may be asked to setup iCloud by logging into your iTunes account.

  • Connect your iPad to your computer using the USB cable provided.

  • iTunes should automatically detect that a new version of the operating system exists for your iPad and prompt you to upgrade to it.
    Choose Cancel. Before updating, you will want to manually sync your iPad to make sure everything is up to date.

  • Transfer purchases if you have any and also do a Backup of your iPad.

  • Once you have created a backup, then choose to update the iOS.

  • Verify that you want to update your iPad, and the process will begin. During the update your iPad may reboot.

  • Once iOS 5 is installed on the device, follow the setup procedure sign in with your Apple ID to setup iCloud.