"A whole new perspective" ~ Apple

Design - Familiar but DifferentLink for iOS 7 iBook Guide

Lock Screen DesignImage fills the screenControl Center can now be accessed from the lock screen in addition to the camera (swipe upward on the icon)Swipe down to access to Notification Center
Still slide to unlock BUT now can be done from ANYWHERE on the screenPass code screen has a different designMedia controls replace the Clock when media is playing

Home ScreenMany of the icons have a NEW lookSpotlight is now accessed from ANY Home Screen by touching anywhere on the screen (NOT an icon) and dragging downFolders look is now different because of the transparencyFolders now have multiple pages within the folder with 9 apps on a page- and up to 15 pages in the folderNewstand app can now be added to a folderBlue dot on corner of the app signifies the app is either new or has been updatedDynamic Wallpapers availableCan use panoramic pictures without cropping for wallpaper and when you move it has the panoramic effect

Live ClockPre-installed Clock app from Apple displays the current time on the icon

iMessageSwipe to the left to reveal the time stamp of each message

Full Screen App SwitcherDouble press the home button brings up App Switcher (instead of the multi-tasking bar in iOS 6)Scrolling Carousel of running applicationsSwipe up on the application you would like to close


Note: Some features do not work with the iPad 2
For example: AirDrop does not work with the iPad 2

Control Center

Swipe up from bottom of device to access controls
Turn on airplane mode
Flashlight now available
Available from lock screen and other apps
Multiple options available from the Control Center


Started with iOS 4 - added support with select applications to do multitasking - phone, texting etc.
Now in iOS 7 multitasking now available for all apps and saves on battery life
Keeps track of which apps you use more often and keeps them up to date - called intelligent scheduling, and adapt to network conditions
Responds to notifications and keeps it up to date
Move from app to app more easily
Multitasking interface also new


New full screen look to focus on content
Smart search field
One tap access to favorites
New interface for tabs
Parental controls
iCloud Keychain
When scroll - get full screen of content
Tap to move in on a story
Swipe from edge to move between previous stories
Unified Search field
Bookmarking improved
Shared links
Reading list
Scroll continuously to next ariticles
Tabs - interface changed - not limited
Still syncs with other devices


Note: this feature does not work with the iPad 2
Easiest way to share with people around you
Share sheet shows up
Tap on one and then they can accept what you want to share
Multiple select others to share
System wide for any app that supports an AirSheet
peer to peer
Securely encrypted
May only work on the iPhone 5
iPad - 4th gen
iPad mini
iPod touch (5th gen)


4 Cameras in one
Still, video, square, pano
Live photo filters
New photo app
More organized structured -
Organized into moments - dates?
Collections - puts all the photos together from a particular moment - intelligently!
Browse photos - can even look at photos you took for the year the
Tap and scrub to find photo in the collection
Share photos in the photo app - air drop
iCloud photo sharing - select stream you want to share to
Others can share into your shared photo stream
Easy to share
Share tab at the bottom - see the shared photos
Also supports sharing video - now


New interface
New Voice - can choose a male voice now too
High Quality male and female voices for french, German and adding others
Getting smarter
Answers more questions
Integrated Twittter, wikipedia, bing

App Store

Look for apps by age category
Also, apps near me - popular apps near you by location
Apps will be updated automatically


Interface changed
See all purchased music from iCloud
Video - get movies, tv also
Sideways to see albums
Discover new music with iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio built into Music App
Featured stations - trending on twitter
Different categories
Find station you like - share or create a station based on song
Create your own stations
Can create a more specific station that just the categories
Keeps track of all the songs you are listening to in History - can buy from history
Built into mac, apple tv, ipad, iphone
Has ads but if have iTunes Match - no ads

Bringing all to iPad
Facetime Audio - over wifi
Notification syncs over devices
Phone facetime and message blocking
Per app vpn

Activation Lock
Find my iPhone
If stolen - if try to wipe device cannot reactivate with username and password

iOS 7 will work but some features not available on older iPad/iPhones
iPhone 4 and later
iPad 2 and later
iPad mini
iPod touch 5th

Ways to Save on Battery
  • Unless you need constant updates, one way to save battery is by changing your email settings from push to fetch.
    Settings-->Mail, Contacts and Calendar-->Fetch.
  • Turn off the feature for apps that don't need access to your location.
    Settings-->Privacy-->Location Services.
  • Turn of Auto-Brightness
    Settings-->Wallpapers & Brightness.
  • Disable Parallax
    Settings --> General --> Accessibility --> Reduce Motion on.
  • On iOS 7, apps will update while running in the background.
    Settings-->General-->Background App Refresh.
  • Turn off unnecessary notifications
    Settings-->Notification Center and scroll to the Include section
  • You don't need to banish Siri for good in order to save battery life. Simply turn off the Raise to Speak feature.
    Settings-->General-->Siri-->Raise to Speak.
  • If you can live with only a partially indexed phone, un-index some item by unchecking items for the Spotlight Search..
    Go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search, and uncheck the items you don't absolutely need indexed.