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iBooks (Apple's eBook reader app)
Kindle (Amazon) -
Kindle Cloud Reader (Amazon)
Nook (Barnes and Noble)
Kobo (Borders)
Google Books (Google eBookstore) Portrait view only as of 12/7/10
Bluefire Reader will work with Library ebooks

iBooks Store

Read Aloud Kids' Books available in the iBooks store - some are Free
Textbooks also becoming available

eBook Search Engine

Leatherbound -ebook search engine for comparing prices and availability across Nook, Kindle, and iBook stores

Download ePub books

ePubBooks -

ePUBBUD - Create an eBook, embed YouTube videos in your book, upload any ebook file and convert, digitize books, sell your ebook, or download ebook files.

Creative Book Builder - Create ePub books right on the iPad

FREE eBook Sites - some may be in PDF format which can be read with the iBooks app
Project Gutenberg
Google ebooks
Planet eBook
Science Books Online

Flat World Knowledge - Free Textbooks if reading online, charge for downloads.

Project Gutenberg Mobile Site - use the QR code below with QR Scan app

Reading Library Books on the iPad

Using Overdrive app with the iPad

Basic Directions –
1. Make sure you have created an Adobe Digital Editions ID (if you do not have an Adobe ID account - you can also do this from Settings within the Overdrive app)
2. From your iPad, download the Overdrive app from the App Store onto your iPad and then tap the Overdrive icon to start the app (Search for Overdrive in the App Store)
3. Tap Get Books (top right)
4. At the bottom of the screen, tap Settings.
5. Associate the Overdrive app with your Adobe Digital Editions ID - Or create an Adobe ID account here.
6.When you have your Adobe ID account established... At the bottom of the screen, tap Get Books to return and then tap Add a Website to locate your library.
7. Log in to your library with your Library card number and browse for your book.
8. Add the book to your cart, Proceed to Checkout, Confirm checkout, and then Download your book.
9. It will be automatically added to your Overdrive app.

Convert any webpage into an eBook with Dot e PUB - dotePUB
Add the bookmarklet to your web browser or
Get the widget for your website - copy and paste the code onto your webpage

Using Bluefire Reader app with the iPad


Transfer books using iTunes:
1. Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer
2. Install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer
3. Install the Bluefire Reader app on your iPad
4. Make sure you have authorized both Adobe Digital Editions and Bluefire Reader with the same Adobe ID.
5. Visit your Library - for example Youngstown/Mahoning County Library ( to download a Digital eBook (ePub books tend to work better with Bluefire (as of 12/09/10) than the PDF eBook versions)
6. Your will be asked to Save or Open your library digital ebook. Choose to Open.
7. It will open in your Adobe Digital Editions software program on your computer and your book will appear on the Bookshelf.
8. To transfer the library book to your iPad, you need to Open iTunes on your computer.
9. On the left, click on your iPad to select it and then click on the APPS tab within iTunes
10. Scroll down to the File Sharing area on the APPS page.
11. Click to select the Bluefire Reader
12. On the right, click on Add to locate your library book. The default location:
On Windows: your home directory/Documents/My Digital Editions
On OSX: your home directory/Documents/Digital Editions
13. Select your library book file and select Open.
14. iTunes should then automatically transfer the file to the Bluefire Reader on your iPad - You do not need to go through the Sync process.
15. Open Bluefire Reader on your iPad and enjoy!

Transfer books using Dropbox: Works with ePub books, did not seem to work with the PDF ebooks
1. Follow steps 1-7 above
2. Locate your library book from the default locations in #12 above
3. Copy and paste the book file to your Dropbox folder on your desktop or Upload the book file if using your Dropbox account online.
NOTE: If you drag the book file to your Dropbox folder on your computer, you will not be able to read the book with Adobe Digital Editions on your computer without locating the file from your Dropbox folder.
4. Open Dropbox on your iPad, and tap to open the book file. You will get a message saying Unable to View File. Use the Open in... to open the book file in Bluefire Reader.
5. You may also try to email the book file and use the Open in...Bluefire Reader. (email did not seem to work with PDF ebooks either)

Other Library Information:

To get a library card from the State Library of Ohio
Ohio eBook Project
SEO Digital Library

Computer Software to Convert Documents

Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. If you have many PDF files or some other format ebooks you want to put on iPad, there is a free converter called calibre. Calibre enables you to manage your entire eBooks collection (rate, tag, sort, download metadata and covers etc.) and it accepts a wide range of formats for conversion. Calibre runs on Windows, Mac OS X AND Linux.
Download Calibre software here

Speed Reading Apps

Quick Reader ($4.99)
Read Quick ($3.99)
Acceleread Free version available ($7.99)
RapidReading ($0.99)