iPads for Administrators

Be empowered with this personal digital device! You will be amazed at the iPad's capabilities!
For example:
  • Sync Mail, Contacts and Calendars
  • WIFI Internet access/3G option available
  • eReaders
  • Share multimedia presentations directly to a LCD projector
  • Watch videos from multiple sources
  • Keep current with the latest news
  • Access to iTunes music, movies, podcasts audiobooks, iTunes U

See iTunes page to initially set up your iPad

Setting up your Google eMail
This is the suggested way to add our Google email to your iPad/iPhone.

1. Tap, Settings
2. Tap, Mail, contacts, Calendar
3. Tap, Add Account
4. Tap to Select Exchange (NOT GMAIL)
5. In the Email field, enter your full Google Account email address.
6. Enter your Google Account password as the Password.
7. Press Next at the top of your screen.
8. Enter m.google.com in the Server field.
9. Leave the Domain field blank.
10. Enter the your email address as the Username.
11. Press Next at the top of your screen again.

NOTE: You may wish to change your Default number of days to sync your mail.

Productivity Apps
(Click on the links to review the apps)

iWork Suite

Templates for Keynote Pro -($4.99) Additional templates, categories and slide designs to use in your presentations. supplements the basic 12 templates included with Apple's Keynote app on the iPad.

Office2 HD ($7.99) - Now supports VGA
  • Document
  • Workbook
  • Presentation
  • Works well with Dropbox

QuickOffice Pro HD($16.99) Create, edit, and share word processing, spreadsheet files and presentation files. Works well with many cloud services.

DocsToGo Office Suite ($9.99)
  • Word
  • Excel
DocsToGo Premium Office Suite ($16.99)
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

Documents To Go Desktop Application Download - http://www.dataviz.com/products/documentstogo/iphone/desktop.html
2-way file synchronization using a WIFI connection

PDF files on your iPad
GoodReader - ($4.99) Reads multiple types of files including PDFs and PowerPoint. Allows annotating of PDF files. Also supports VGA. Will retain hyperlinks from PDF files. Manage all your files.
Readdle ($4.99) Document reader and file manager
iAnnotate PDF ($9.99) Annotate over your PDF files to save or email.
  • Open PDF files directly from your email
  • Download PDF files directly from the Web to open in iAnnotate to read and/or "annotate!"

Have a PDF form to fill in?
PDF Expert ($9.99) Lets you fill in PDF forms. Also lets you read and annotate PDF documents.

Want to create a PDF form?
Form Tools PDF ($2.99) Allows you to take an existing PDF file and add text, check boxes, photos and signatures

Need to do observations?
Google Forms and your iPad - Create the Form in Google and access it on your iPad

Need to take notes in a meeting?
Notability ($4.99) Take notes and record in sync. Save and share.
Audiotorium Notes ($5.99) Record, organize, review and share your audio and text notes from your meetings. Dropbox integration
SoundNote ($4.99) Also allows audio with your notes
Sundry Notes Pro - ($4.99) Write, draw, research, record and share your notes. Dropbox, Google docs, Evernote integration. Also has VGA output

Doing a presentation? Want to get feedback as you are presenting? Try using Soapbox
Soapbox - ($1.99) Turns your Google presentation into a social presentation experience. You will be able to combine a twitter feed with your Google presentation to get feedback from your audience.

Want just access to your network files?
File Browser ($4.99)

Voice Recorders
  • Recorder
  • Quick Voice
  • Voice Memos

Cloud Computing Apps - Cloud computing is Internet-based computing where resources, files, software, etc. are accessed over the Internet. Great way to store you files so that they can be accessed using an Internet connection. Usually an account is required for the Internet-based site. (Click on the links to review the apps) Most are FREE for a limited amount of space.

Dropbox (FREE)
  • Sync files from your computer to your iPad or other computing devices- Dropbox Desktop software
  • Share folders with others
  • Works with other apps on the iPad

Evernote (FREE)

ZumoDrive (FREE)

Box.net (FREE)
Memeo Connect (FREE) - access your Google documents

Main eReaders
NOTE: Check out the eReaders page to learn how to transfer library books to your iPad

Have to give a speech?
i-Prompt Pro (Free)

Other data collection tools
Question Press
Poll Everywhere

Using the iPad to Connect to Your Computer
TeamViewer - Free for one user
Desktop Connect ($14.99)
RDP ($5.99)