Typing Tips

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Auto Correction - the iPad tries to automatically correct your typing. You can turn the AutoCorrection off in Settings, but that will also turn off the Spell Check. Tap the space bar to accept the suggestion or tap the suggestion to reject it. Be careful as you type so that the correct words are actually chosen!

Typing Capitals
  • Tap and Hold the Shift button and then drag your finger over to the letter you want. Let go and your letter will be capitalized
  • Hold shift with one finger while typing another will also create capital letters
  • Of course you can always use the standard method of tapping the shift key, then tapping the letter
  • If typing a word in all CAPS, double-tap the shift key

  • Touch the .?123 button on the ABC keyboard will bring up the UNDO key
  • Touch the #+= key on the number keyboard and it will bring up the REDO key
  • Shake the iPad up and down - brings up dialog box asking to Undo Typing (do at your own risk! :-) )

Selecting Text to Cut Copy Paste or Replace
  • Double-tap on a word to highlight - a Cut | Copy | Paste | Replace box pops up
  • To select more words, drag the blue dots to select more words
  • To select an entire paragraph, tap four times quickly
  • The Replace command will offer alternative words for you if it is misspelled
  • To copy an image - hold your finger down on the screen until you see the Copy button pop up. Tap the copy button

NOTE: Double-tap in some other apps will zoom in. For example when using a Web Browser.

Web Addresses
The keyboard has the .com key, but hold down the .com key to reveal other choices.

Accent marks
Hold down the key you want to accent to bring up accent options

Quick Apostrophe
Hold down or swipe the comma (,!) key to bring up the apostrophe

Quick Quotes
Hold down or swipe the period (.?) key to bring up the quotes

Quick Period
Double tap the space bar to insert a period

Other Punctuation
Hold down punctuation keys to bring up other options

  • Zero key on number keyboard - degree symbol
  • Hyphen on number keyboard - longer dash, emdash and bullet
  • Question mark on number keyboard- upside down question mark
  • Exclamation key on number keyboard - upside down exclamation key
  • Apostrophe key on number keyboard - other style of apostrophes and accent mark
  • Quote key on number keyboard - other style quotes
  • Period key on number keyboard - ellipsis marks
  • Percent key on symbol keyboard - hundredth percent

iOS 5 Tips

With iOS 5 the keyboard can be split and/or undocked
  • Hold down the keyboard key (also called the Shuffle Slider Button) on the keyboard (lower right key) to bring up the menu to split/undock - then again to dock/merge
  • Splitting can also be done by swiping keyboard apart then swiping back together to merge
  • Splitting can also be done by pinching to zoom in (like you would to make a photo or website bigger) to split the keyboard, and pinch to zoom out (like you would to make a photo or website smaller) to join the keyboard back up again.

iOS 5 Keyboard Phantom Keys
When using the split keyboard, the empty spaces on the inside edges of the keyboard actually function as if the missing keys were actually there. For example, if you want to type ‘h' you can just tap the empty space next to ‘g’, and your iPad will subsequently output ‘h’ without actually requiring you to tap the key. This technique works on both sides of the keyboard.

Emoji Keyboard available in iOS 5 (allows adding emoticons to mail, notes or other documents)
  • Settings>General>Keyboard>International Keyboard>Add New Keyboard
  • Select Emoji
  • Tap on the World symbol key in the lower left side to bring up the Emoji keyboards

Add shortcuts for typing
  • Settings >General>Keyboard
  • Tap to Add New Shortcut...
  • Type in the Phrase you want displayed
  • Type the Shortcut that will display your Phrase