General Tips and Tricks for your iPad

  • Transfer photos from your iPad 2 to your first iPad using the Camera Connection Kit
    (You will not need the SD card reader for this)
    • Insert the USB Camera Connector into the iPad 2
    • Attach the charging cable USB side to the Camera Connector on the iPad 2
    • Insert the 30 pin connection side to the other iPad
    • The photos from the iPad 2 will appear as if you are attached to a camera

  • How to alphabetize your apps
    • Tap the "Settings" icon on your iPad's home screen
    • Tap "General"
    • Tap "Reset" and then tap the "Reset Home Screen Layout" button. Your iPad returns all the preloaded apps to their original positions on the home screen and places all the apps you have downloaded from the App Store in alphabetical order.
    • NOTE: This will remove all apps from Folders you created.

  • Camera Tips:
    • For Still pictures, you do have a zoom function for the Back camera only. Pinching the screen will display a Zoom bar along the bottom.
    • Use the Grid for Still photos by tapping Options at the top of the screen.
    • Set the exposure, by tap the person or object on the screen.
    • Lock the exposure by touching and holding the screen until the rectangle pulses. AE Lock appears on the screen, and the exposure remains locked until you tap the screen again

  • Editing Photos Tips: You can rotate, enhance, remove red-eye, and crop photos. Enhancing improves a photo’s overall darkness or lightness, color saturation, and other qualities.
    • While viewing a photo full-screen, tap Edit, then choose a tool.

  • Trimming videos:You can trim the frames from the beginning and end of a video that you just recorded, or from any other video in your Camera Roll album. You can replace the original video, or save the trimmed version as a new video clip.
    • While viewing a video, tap the screen to display the controls. Drag either end of the frame viewer at the top of the video, then tap Trim.
    • Important: If you choose Trim Original, the trimmed frames are permanently deleted from the original video. If you choose “Save as New Clip,” a new trimmed video clip is saved in your Camera Roll album, leaving the original video unaffected.

  • Taking better pictures and videos - Sometimes it is hard holding the iPad still to take a picture or video.
    • You can hold down the "Shutter" button until you are ready and then release to take your picture or video
    • You can also take a picture or video using the "Volume" button on the side of the iPad.

  • Deleting apps from Settings > Usage (Easy way to delete apps)
    • All apps will be listed under Storage
    • Tap on the app you would like to delete
    • Then tap on Delete app

  • Quick Delete
    • When you a list of documents, email or other types of files are displayed...
    • Gently swipe across the the file, and a RED Delete button will appear
    • Then simply TAP the Delete button and your file will be deleted
  • Screen shot capture
    • The iPad 1st Generation does not have a built-in camera, presently, but you can capture screen shots and have them automatically saved to your Photo Album. Simply hold down the On/Off switch while simultaneously holding down the Home button. You should hear a click and the screen will flash.When you look in your Photo Album, you will see the screen shot.
    • The iPad2 does have a built-in camera but the screen shot capture works the same way.
  • Save a Web Image
    • When looking at Web sites, tap and hold any image that you would like to save. This will bring up the option for you to Save Image.
    • The image will be saved to your Photos
  • Save Favorite Website to your Home Screen
    • Using Safari - launch your favorite website
    • Tap the Right Arron icon at the Top Left
    • From the drop-down menu select Add to Home Screen
  • Multi-tasking bar
    • Double-Press the Home button when NOT Locked
  • Access the audio control and play your music
    • Double-Press the Home button when locked
  • Lock the screen orientation on iOS 4.2
    • double-tap the Home button to bring up the mulit-tasking bar. Swipe to the right until you see the built-in iPod's app icon. The orientation lock control is at the far left of the bar.
  • Switch apps quickly
    • using the Multi-tasking bar (double-press the home button)
    • NEW in iOS5 - 4-5 finger swipe right to left will bring up applications that are running
  • Music Playback Controls
    • Double-tap the Home Button to bring up the Multi-tasking bar
    • Swipe the multitasking bar to the right
    • Your playback controls are revealed
  • iPad as digital frame
    • Tap the Slideshow button on the right of your locked screen (next to your slider) Preferences can be set as to which photos you would like to display in Settings>Picture Frame
  • Customize an image
    • For your locked screen - Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper (it helps when you need to identify it from a group of other iPads)
    • For Home Screen
  • Create Folders
    • Hold down the app until it starts to wiggle, and simply drag one app onto another to create the folder
  • Copy files from your computer
(NOTE: Not all apps support file sharing)
    • Connect your iPad to your computer with it's sync cable and start iTunes
    • Select your iPad in the list on the left by clicking on it
    • Click the Apps tab in the main window
    • Scroll down to the File Sharing section
    • Select the app on the left that is appropriate for the file you want to transfer
      • Select the file from your iPad and click on Save to... to transfer the file from your iPad to your computer
      • Or browse to find the file on your computer that you would like to transfer to your iPad by clicking on Add...
  • Purchased Apps
    • Once you purchase an app, you are able to download the app again without being charged. So no worries if you accidentally delete an app.
Add Holidays to Calendar
Your iPad calendar doesn't come with holidays included
  • Add holidays to your iPad
    • Tap your Settings icon on your iPad.
    • Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
    • Tap Add Account.
    • Tap Other.
    • Under the Calendars Section - Tap Add Subscribed Calendar.
    • For the server, type in:
    • Tap Next. You do not have to fill out any more information.
    • Tap Save.
    • Tap your iPad calendar icon to launch your Calendar.
    • Tap Calendars in the upper left corner.
    • Tap Select US Holidays to display the holidays.
  • Manage iPad's Memory
    • Double-press the Home button
    • A list of the apps you have recently opened will be displayed
    • Tap and hold on one of the apps until you see the RED minus sign
    • Tap to delete the apps
    • This will free up the iPad's memory
    • This also is the way to Force Quit an app that you might be causing trouble
  • Manage iPad Battery Life
    • Adjust the brightness. Lowering the brightness helps extend battery life - Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper
    • Manage the use of certain applications, such as games that require bright screens
    • Turn off Wi-Fi and/or 3G if you know you are not going to be using it
    • Use Airplane mode in low or no coverage areas - Your iPad always tries to to maintain a Wi-Fi connection
    • Minimize the use of location services
    • Turn off Push notifications
    • Fetch new data less frequently
    • Turn off Push mail
    • Shorten Auto-lock time
    • Auto-check fewer email accounts
    • Make sure to go through at least ONE charge cycle per month (charging the battery to 100% and then completely running it down)
  • Shortcut to Search
    Swipe to the right from your first Home Screen pulls up the Search window where you can search contacts, apps, email, calendar appointments and media
  • Music Shortcut
    Double-press the Home Button, and then swipe to the Right. This will bring up the iPod controls
  • Volume Lock
    To limit the Volume level, go into the Settings, iPod, Volume Limit, adjust the volume with the slider and then tap Lock Volume Limit
  • Keyboard Click
    Turn keyboard clicks off during a class or meeting - Settings > General > Sounds > Keyboard Clicks
  • Passcode Lock
    Can be simple - 4 digit number or alpha characters Settings > General > Passcode Lock

Hide and Unhide App Purchases on the iPad
To Hide an App:
  • Launch the App Store
  • Tap on the Purchased Tab
  • Swipe to the left on the app you would like to Hide and tap Hide
  • The app is now Hidden

To Unhide an App
  • Launch the App Store
  • Tap on Purchased Tab
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on your Apple ID
  • Tap View Apple ID
  • Under iTunes in the Cloud > tap Hidden Purchases
  • Tap to Unhide the apps you have previously Hidden