Classroom Ideas

Create ePub books
App - Creative Book Builder - create, edit and publish your epub ebook!
Teachers and students can create their own epub book and share. Add pictures, video, audio and read in iBooks.
  • Elem - All about me books
  • Middle - Students can create a memory book at the end of the year
  • High School - Students can create their own study guide
  • Teachers can create their own text book for students
  • Works well with Explain Everything
These are two of my favorite apps that can be incorporated at any grade level or any content area!

Collaborative Drawing
App - Draw for iPad
Students can create a Logo and Slogan for a business they are starting and save to Photo Album for use in Pages, or other project apps.

Sketchbook Pro
Drawing apps in general can be used for many different projects but they are also good for students to illustrate one thing they learned that day as an exit slip.

Phases of the Moon
App - StarWalk
Students will find the phase of the moon on the day they were born and take a snapshot of it.
Then will then post the snapshot with an audio identifying the phase to Fotobabble.

Use StarWalk in combination with StripDesigneror any of the other Digital StoryTelling apps listed on the wiki to create a student's story of the day he was born or another significant date in history

Formative Assessment
Alternative to Classroom Response Systems
eClicker Presenter and eClicker Audience
Create sets of questions to use for Formative Assessment

App - Socrative (Create an account on to create your assessments)
Create sets of questions to use for Formative Assessment. Provides real time responses.

App - Google Forms
Works well with your Google Account

QR Codes
Assignment Check
App - QR Code Reader (Scan)
Create an answer sheet for an assignment with the QR code as the answer. Create multiple ones on a topic and hide around the room or school for students to find the answers.

QR Code Webquests
Create webquests using QR codes

Book Summary/Report
QR Code Machine app
Students create QR code as a book summary and post code on their blog, or print and post on bulletin board in classroom

Audio Files
Create audio files of students explaining their art work and then create a QR code for the audio file. Attach the QR code to the art work.

App - Strip Designer
Be creative and use photos, maps and text to create and/or tell a story. Save it back to your photo album or email it.

App - Fotobabble can be used for any type of Photo Essay

App - Reel Director
Create a digital story using still photos, videos and music with this app! Upload to YouTube, export out to Photo Album, or email.
Import music from iTunes library or computer.

App - iMovie - only available with iPad2
Create a digital story with photos, video and music. Simpler to use than you might think.

App - Popplet
Brainstorm any topic with Popplet. Students can add text, pictures or drawings. Popplet has VGA support.

App - Audiotorium
Students can record and take notes for every subject

App - Notability
Also great for taking notes and recording

Collaborative Drawing
App - Draw for iPad
Students can create a Logo and Slogan for a business they are starting and save to Photo Album for use in Pages, or other project apps.

Other Student Collaboration
iCard Sort
Students create deck of cards with rhyming words and then can share the deck with other students
Students can create decks of characters from different novels and share to compare and contrast specific character traits
Teachers can create decks to share with students to categorize

One student or teacher has the Shareboard app while 3 others have the Shareboard Client
In their group, students are assigned a specific time period in history. They brainstorm events that happened at that time in history. These can be projected and shared with the entire class.