How to find, download, and sync apps

Finding apps

  • APPitic - website by Apple Distinguished Educators with 1,300+ Educational Apps (K-12)
  • Quixey Website that lets you search for an app by keyword
  • AppyMall - website for finding apps for Elementary and Middle School
  • AppsGoneFree A Free app that can be downloaded from the App Store that lists the top Free apps for the day
  • Appsfire Deals - A Free app that can be downloaded from the App Store that lists Free apps and also apps that have been reduced in price
  • WeWantApps - designed to find apps for children 0-14
  • More Listed below

Apple iTunes App Store - Download directly from your iPad or from iTunes application on your computer

How to download directly from your iPad - Make sure you have an iTunes account
1. Tap the Apps icon
2. Tap the Top Charts option at the bottom to browse the Top Paid apps and the Top Free apps.
3. Tap the All Categories option (top left) if you would like to browse within a particular category.
4. Tap the Featured option at the bottom left of the screen to see which apps have been featured.
5. Use the Search box (top right) to enter in the name of the app you would like to purchase.
6. Tap the icon for the app you would like to purchase to read more about the app.
7. Tap the the price to actually purchase.
8. After entering in your Apple ID password, the app will be downloaded directly to your iPad.

How to download from within iTunes
1. Open iTunes software on your computer
2. Open the iTunes store at the top right
3. Click on the App Store to display a drop down list of categories or use the Search box (top right)
4. Once you have located the app you would like to purchase, follow the same procedure to purchase as above.

Syncing your apps manually

From your iPad to your computer - Make sure you have selected to sync manually when you first set up your iPad.
1. Connect your iPad to your computer.
2. If iTunes doesn't automatically open, open iTunes on your computer.
3. Select your iPad from the left pane.
4. You can transfer your purchases from the File menu, Transfer Purchases.
5. Select all your options from each menu then click Sync (bottom right)

Syncing multiple iPads with new iOS

Using Automatic Downloads

It is now easier to sync apps to multiple iPads without using iTunes.
In the school setting, set up an account with the App Store Volume Purchase Program if you will be using an app across 20 or more iPads. This may be cheaper than purchasing the app for every iPad.
1. Make sure all the iPad you would like to sync have the same iTunes account
2. Tap the Settings icon on the iPads you would like to sync
3. Tap iTunes and App Stores
4. Turn on the Automatic Downloads for Music, Apps and Books.
5. When you purchase Music, Apps, and Books, they will be automatically downloaded to all the iPads using the same iTunes account.

Keep up-to-date

With reviews, new apps, reduced apps, free apps and latest iPad news

Download these apps right to your iPad to stay up-to-date with apps gone free or apps that have a price drop

AutismApps - Free app that lets you search for Autism apps

Websites with reviews:
iEAR - I Education Apps Review - read reviews on apps





Other sources

Each month Apple spotlights educational apps.
You can review them here - iTunes Education Spotlight Monthly News
Or in the App Store > Categories > Education and scroll to the bottom

Guide to iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Apps (applications) hosted by Macworld Magazine
Examine descriptions and expert reviews of thousands of iPad apps. Refine your search with a helpful set of categorical filters.

Reviews on Reading Apps