Educational Apps

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K-12 Apps
General Apps for all Students
Pages Word processing type app from Apple
Keynote Presentation app from Apple
Numbers - Spreadsheet app from Apple
Office2 HD App that allows you to create office documents available on the iPad, makes it easy to open, view, create and edit Word (DOC & DOCX), Excel (XLS), and now PowerPoint (PPT) files right from your iPad!
DocsToGo VIEW/EDIT/CREATE Word & Excel files and also VIEW PowerPoint, PDF, iWork, Text, .RTF
GoodReader GoodReader® is the robust PDF reader for iPad. Also lets you annotate PDFs
pdf-Notes FREE Manage all the pdf files on your iPad. Fast display, quick page-turning even a thousand pages, useful finger-writing and email your notes to your friends
File Browser FileBrowser is like having Windows Explorer or Mac Finder on your iPad to access network folders on Macs, Windows, Linux, and NAS drive
iBooks iBooks includes the iBookstore, where you can download the latest best-selling books or your favorite classics. Also will open PDFs so that they can be read on the iPad

Control your computer with your iPad

Doceri Interactive whiteboard and screencast recorder.
Doceri app

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop now FREE - Connect your iPad to your computer installing the Splashtop Streamer software on your computer.
Download Streamer for desktop here:
Splashtop Whiteboard ($19.99) Turn your iPad into a mobile interactive whiteboard (Note: Only one iPad connection at a time)

iTunesU (FREE) iTunes U is now an app - Gives you access to free education content. Example: CassioPeia Project Videos

Rover (Free) Access educational flash websites - COPPA compliant but will by-pass the district's filtering.
Note: Rover now supports only educational sites showcased in Rover. If you have a favorite educational website that you would like Rover to suport, please write to the website owners and ask them to contact Rover.

Find New and Noteworthy apps under the Education Category in the App Store

Two Favorite apps

Explain Everything ($2.99) - Let's you annotate, animate, and narrate explanations and presentations. Records on screen drawing, annotation, object movement, and captures audio via the iPad microphone. Import other files, including PDF and PPT. Export movie file that can be shared in other projects.
Creative Book Builder - ($3.99) Create your own ePub Book
Create, edit and publish your epub book with pictures, video and audio!
Can be used in all content areas and all grade levels. Integrates well with videos that can be created using Explain Everything

Other Screencasting apps
Ask3 by Tech Smith (FREE)
ShowMe (FREE)
ScreenChomp (FREE)
Educreations Interactive Whiteboard (FREE)
ReplayNote ($4.99) ReplayNote is an app that records your writing and voice, then converts it to YouTube video (Screencast)

Other apps for creating ePub books
Book Creator for the iPad ($6.99)
eBook Creator ($3.99)
My Story - Book Maker for Kids ($1.99)
Story Creator - (Free) Good for elementary

Creative Apps
Creative apps can be used at all grade levels, in all content areas to promote Project Based Learning

Use iPad's Built in Camera App for stills and videos and incorporate into other iPad apps to create many projects.
iMovie ($4.99) Make beautiful HD movies
GarageBand ($4.99) GarageBand turns your iPad into a collection of Touch instruments and a full_featured recording studio
Strip Designer ($2.99) Design your own Comic Strips
Caster: Mobile Studio ($9.99) Create, edit, and publish podcasts (Not limited by time) Free version available
ReelDirector ($3.99) Create and edit videos
Photogene ($3.99) More advanced photo editing
Phoster ($1.99) Make your own Poster
PhotoPuppet HD ($2.99) - Puppet animation
Toontastic ($2.99) Draw, share, animate cartoons
Halftone ($0.99) - Gives pictures unique vintage look. Add captions to tell your story
Writer's Studio ($1.99) Create and publish your own book! Graphics, music, voice recording.
Audioboo (FREE) iPhone app that can be used with the iPad to create audio recordings
ComicLife ($7.99) Photo comic creation software
PhotoComic for the iPad ($1.99)
ComicsCreator ($1.99)
ToonFace - iPhone app that can be used with the iPad to create fun avatars and save to PhotoGallery
This is My Story (and I'm Sticking to it) - Using stickers to tell a story
Video Star - (FREE) create movies and save to the camera roll
i Tell a Story (FREE) Narrate and record a story.
iStopMotion ($4.99) Create stop motion animations
Skitch (FREE) Drawing and editing tool.
My Doodle Game - Make and play your own games!
Motivational Posters - (Free for a limited time) Create your own Motivational Poster

QR Code Readers
Scan (FREE) - Seems to work very well and URL Links are live
Qrafter (FREE)
Daqri (FREE)

QRCode Generators on iPad - Can be saved to Photos
The QR Code Machine - (0.99)
QR Code Generator (0.99)

QR Code Generator
Qrafter ProPack ($2.99) Free version will read but not let you create

Additional Web Browsers
Rover (Free) Access flash websites
Atomic Web Browser ($0.99) Able to customize fullscreen web browser
iCab Browser ($1.99) This web browser will let you download YouTube videos and save them to your Photo Album

Note Taking
Notability - ($4.99)
Audiotorium Notes ($4.99)
Course Notes ($4.99)
SimpleNote - Web access to notes and Syncs changes
7NotesHD - Free and Premium ($8.99) Able to create columns within your notes

iThoughtsHD ($9.99) - Mindmapping app with VGA support for 1st gen iPad
Popplet ($8.99) - Brainstorming app, can app text, photos, videos, and drawings (VGA support for 1st gen iPad)
Popplet Lite FREE version
Mindo ($7.99) - Mind Mapping tool for the iPad with VGA support for 1st gen iPad
iCard Sort ($5.99)
StickyBoard - FREE Whiteboard with never ending sticky notes
MindHD ($0.99) for a limited time - supports Dropbox and AirPrint
SimpleMind+ Free, SimpleMind for iPad ($6.99)
Maptini ($4.99)
Infinote Pinboard ($2.99) Brainstorm with VGA support for 1st gen iPad

Sharing Whiteboard
SyncSpace - Free
ShareBoard ($7.99) - Collaboration for 4. VGA output
Shareboard client - Free
GroupBoard Connect up to 5 other people

Sticky Notes for iPad (FREE)
Infinote ($1.99) Print and export notes, VGA output
iCard Sort ($5.99) Also has Free version. Create and manage your own decks and then share with other devices
Linoit (FREE)
abcNotes ($2.99) Also has Free version. Synchronize between two iOS devices
Stickyboard Free stickyboard

Drawing apps
Inspire Pro -($7.99)
Adobe Express
Drawing Pad - ($.99) drawing program with paint brushes, crayons, colored pencils, markers, paper choices, roller pens, stickers
Draw for iPad (FREE) Collaboration
Whiteboard Pro ($3.99) Collaborative drawing app
Sketchbook Pro ($7.99) Advanced drawing app
Sketchbook Express (FREE)
Draw Free For iPad -
Drawing Star (FREE for a limited time) Similar to Drawing pad

Voice Recorders
Quick Record

Animation Apps
Animation Desk for iPad ($2.99) Lite version available
Animation Creator HD ($1.99) FREE Lite Version available
Doink Vector Animation ($4.99)
PhotoPuppet HD ($2.99) - Puppet animation
Toontastic ($2.99) Draw, share, animate cartoons
iStop Motion ($4.99)

Research - (FREE) - Dictionary and Thesaurus
WolframAlpha - (FREE) Get answers, access expert knowledge.
Side by Side (FREE) - Take notes while you browse the web
Instapaper ($4.99) - Researching but don't have the time to read entire articles, web pages, save interesting articles to read later.
Can also use the Reading List feature in Safari


Map Projector ($1.99)- Present live maps and satellite imagery. Save multiple maps with landmarks. Good to use with the iPad 1
Web Projector ($2.99) - Display websites with VGA adapter - Good to use with the iPad 1
Air Video ($2.99) - Watch videos located on your computer on your iPad
Mover+ ($1.99) Move a photo, document, video, from your iPad to another iPad

Voice Audio Apps
Quick Recorder - ($1.99) Lets you save the audio file to the Photo album which can be used then in other apps. (disguises the audio file as a video file, so that it will save to the Photo album.
MP3 Recorder - ($1.99) Also lets you save the audio file to the Photo album
Dragon Dictation (FREE) Translate speech to text
Voice Memo ($0.99) Voice recorder Additional $0.99 for email option
SpeakIt! ($1.99) - Text to Speech - type in your text and SpeakIt will create an audio file of the text
Audio Memos (Free and Paid $0.99) Simple voice recorder
Quick Voice (FREE)
QuickVoice2Text Email ($2.99) Send Text emails just using your voice
Voice Recorder HD - ($1.99)

Speak and Translate - Great for Foreign Language
Speak Text


*Kindergarten Apps can be found on the Kindergarten page



Social Studies


  • Little Sky Writers ($1.99) Hint: Start the app in portrait mode before switching to landscape
  • Alphabytes ($1.99) Trace, spell and play with the letters of the alphabet
  • Kids Writing Pad ($0.99) Students can practice writing and save to Photo Gallery


  • Story Buddy ($4.99) Create your own story book and export out to iBooks. Includes drawing. Students can access their own book right from the iBook app.
  • Story Patch ($2.99) Create your own story book - Story Patch Website -
    Includes graphics to help with the story
  • Create a Car ($0.99) - Select one of six body types and then select from over 50 different parts to place on the vehicle
  • Monster Physics ($0.99) Design your own invention
  • Jungle Time ($2.99) - Learn how to tell time
  • Convert Pad ($0.99) Handles over 120 conversion calculations for U.S. Standard and Metric Measurement for length, area, volume, fluid, weight, time, computer, and temperature

Middle School

  • Grammar App HD ($1.99)
  • Writer's Studio ($1.99) Create and publish your own book. Graphics, voice recording, music. Save as movie file and share.
  • EasyBib (FREE) create MLA, APA and Chicago style citations
  • Sentence Builder Teen ($5.99) helps teenage children learn how to build grammatically correct sentences
  • Wordflick HD ($2.99) fast-paced word game
  • iTooch Grade 5 English - Lite and paid versions available (Part of Game Center) Other content areas for iTooch
  • Word Crasher (FREE) Create words from letters as they fall down and pile up on the screens (Part of the Game Center)

  • NASA App HD (FREE) Explore NASA
  • Video Science
  • Star Walk ($4.99) - Your personal planetarium with a digital compass
  • GoSkyWatch Planetarium - ($5.99) more features than FREE version
  • Frog Dissection ($3.99) 3D imaging, step-by-step instructions, accurate simulation
  • eWeather HD ($1.99) 10 day forecasts, severe weather alerts and earthquakes. Covers Americas, Asia, Europe - 130,000 locations
  • Meteorgram ($0.99) Graphical depictions of trends with variables such as temperature, pressure, humidity, and wind speed
  • LeafSnapHD (FREE) Uses virtual recognition software to help identify tree species from photographs of their leaves
  • EarthQuake Hound ($0.99) View earthquakes right on your iPad
  • iQuake Lite (FREE) Displays graphic heat maps of the latest eqrthquakes
  • Science360 for iPad (FREE) The National Science Foundation provides easy access to engaging science and engineering images
  • 3D Sun&Moon Compass HD ($2.99) 3D Sun and Moon virtualization
  • Star Map ($0.99) Learn the constellations
  • 3D Brain (FREE)
  • Vernier Video Physics ($2.99) Take a video of an object in motion and this will analyze the motion.
  • Britannica Kids: Volcanoes and other Britannica Kids apps
  • Britannica Kids: Rainforest
  • Britannica Kids: Snakes

Social Studies


High School




Social Studies

Special Areas:

Physical Education:
iMuscle iPad edition ($4.99)

Fitness for iPad ($1.99) 700 exercises and ready-made workouts
All-in fitness: 1000 Exercises, Workouts and Calorie Counter ($0.99)

Fitness Library for iPad ($0.99) Good resource fitness app with 100 popular exercises

Flexible Timer ($0.99) Create custom timers for any need.

Daily Cardio Workout ($0.99)
Gym Ball workouts (FREE)

Calorie Counter (FREE)

Heart Rate Recovery Tracker ($1.99)

Cricket4Evry1 - various apps that will record and compare techniques ($2.99)
Baseball Coach Plus HD
Swim Coach Plus HD
Tennis Coach Plus HD

Video Coaching with Slow Motion, chalkboard and Reviews - FREE 30 day free trial - Record techniques and analyze in slow motion

Coach Whiteboard Free - just use your finger to draw player movements
Basketball Coach's Clipboard ($1.99)
CoachBoard - ($3.99) Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Curling

Score Keeper HD ($0.99) Keep score on just about any game

ESPN iScore Baseball - ($9.99) Baseball / Softball Scorekeeper

GoMeals HD - FREE - Database of nutritional information

iPlayBook Series - FREE
  • iPlayBook Soccer Free
  • iPlayBook Basketball Free
  • iPlayBook Lacrosse Free
  • iPlayBook Football Free
  • iPlayBook Hockey Free
  • iPlayBook Field Hockey Free
  • iPlayBook Baseball Free
  • iPlayBook Rugby Free

iPlayBook Series $1.99
  • iPlayBook Soccer
  • iPlayBook Basketball
  • iPlayBook Lacrosse
  • iPlayBook Football
  • iPlayBook Hockey
  • iPlayBook Field Hockey
  • iPlayBook Baseball
  • iPlayBook Baseball HD
  • iPlayBook Rugby

Many Fitness Apps available that can be incorporated into Physical Education
Exercise Apps
Daily Ab Workout - Free and Paid ($0.99) No Account necessary

Yoga apps
Daily Yoga Free

Calorie Tracker apps


Creative Art
Let's Create Pottery HD - have fun creating pottery

Nomad Brush for the iPad Drawing apps ($24.00) A unique paintbrush for the iPad. Will work with all capacitive devices.


Photo Editing


Tools to Introduce programming to students

Critical Thinking Games
TanZen HD (Free lite version $2.99 Paid version)
Tangram (FREE and $0.99)
Pebble Jump
Word Seek
KickBox Lite (FREE)
KickBox ($1.99)
TinkerBox HD - Free

Video Production Apps
Scripts Pro - $5.99
Movie Slate (clapperboard and shot log) - $24.99
Pro Prompter - smooth scrolling teleprompter - $9.99

Best Apps of 2010 by Content Area -

VGA Supported Apps for 1st Gen iPad:

Keynote - Apple's Presentation software
GoodReader - Excellent file manager, PDF reader with advanced reading, annotating, markup and highlighting capabilities
Atomic Web Browser - tabbed browser, now with VGA support
PERFECT Browser - tabbed web browser with VGA support - Also supports AirPrint
StickyBoard - Whiteboard with never ending stack of sticky notes
Web Projector - Display your website
SketchBook Pro - advanced drawing program
Popplet (Paid Version only) - share visual ideas - great for brainstorming, mindmapping activities
Map Projector - Live maps and satellite imagery. Create unlimited number of maps with unlimited landmarks
Sight K - Dolch sight words (Pre-Primer List)
Whiteboard Pro - Collaborative drawing app
MeeGenius - projects read-along story
Mindo - mind mapping tool

Web sites that are iPad Ready - complete math quizzes from the iPad
The White House
National Geographic