overview_gallery_thumb1.jpg Using the Apple TV with Your iPad 2


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With the Apple TV device and using AirPlay Mirroring on your iPad 2, you can share exactly what is on your iPad 2 with all your students in the room - WIRELESSLY!

NOTE: AirPlay a technology that is built into your iPad 2 and lets you stream media wirelessly.

To setup your iPad 2 with your Apple TV:
1. The Apple TV can be connected to a TV or Projector using the HDMI connection. (The projector works best in the classroom)

2. Both the Apple TV and the iPad 2 need to be on the same wireless network.

3. Double-press the Home button on the iPad 2, and swipe all the way to the right. You will see the AirPlay icon if all is connected correctly.

4. Tap the AirPlay icon and select your Apple TV, and slide the switch to Mirroring on.


NOTE: If you do not have a projector or TV with an HDMI connection, you might be able to purchase a
HDMI to Component converter or HDMI to VGA + R/L Audio converter box
Example one adapter available - http://www.kanexlive.com/atvpro

App Alternative to Apple TV

Download the Reflector app (formerly called Reflections) to your Mac computer running Lion OS or Windows XP or later - Download here - Reflector
Connect your Mac or PC to a projector
From your iPad, choose your computer from the AirPlay App
NOTE: Works with both Mac and Windows

Display your MAC or Windows
Download the Parrot app to your Mac running Lion OS or Windows computer - Download here - AirParrot
In the menu bar, select your Apple TV to display your MAC

(which is built into your iPad 2 and lets you stream media wirelessly) you can